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Debut Release

As featured on CNN and NPR
The Poetry of Donald Rumsfeld

Our debut release is The Poetry of Donald Rumsfeld and Other Fresh American Art Songs. Expertly blending serious music with political humor, the featured work sets to music direct quotes from the Defense Secretary’s press conferences. Really.

The Poetry of Donald Rumsfeld

Buy this CDThe new songs by Bryant Kong attracted worldwide attention, with features on CNN, NPR, and the BBC; in the Associated Press and San Francisco Chronicle; and more. You might be expecting to hear political music—protest songs, novelty tunes, raps... But actually this is a new music project which happens to have a political subject. Our goal is to show how classical music can be relevant to our lives today.

The accessible style has strong popular influences, from cabaret to pop music. If you think of Rumsfeld as a character in a "Gulf Wars II" opera or musical, these are the songs he might sing... Find out more.

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